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  On August 22,the"zhong che cup"welder competition and the 2017 xi'an vocational skills competition of shaanxi province opened in zhong che xi'an automobile co.,LTD.This competition is sponsored by xi'an federation of trade unions,xi'an machinery metallurgy and building materials union co-organized,zhongche xi'an company to undertake.The opening ceremony was attended by 64 competitors from 9 enterprises in xi'an,as well as the presidents and training officers of each branch of zhongche xi'an company.After the opening ceremony,64 contestants took the theory test.In the subsequent practice test,they will compete in the same field,in the same platform,to display skills,and compete for the number of participants in the 2017 shaanxi provincial vocational skills competition on behalf of xi'an.
  Comrade liu juxiang,an employee of our company,successfully passed the first welder theory test and advanced to the second practical test,and was the only female contestant among the 20 qualified.On August 27,to carry out the field test,field events have pipe butt on 45°inclined 6 g fixed welding electrode arc welding(SMAW),the level of small tube are fixed welding 5 g,the manual tungsten argon arc welding GTAW)and plate butt horizontal-vertical(CO2 gas shielded welding FCAW)three,my company employees ju-xiang liu smoothly through the field test,to achieve"double qualified"good grades.After the company's research decision,liu juxiang was commended and awarded the competition prize of 800 yuan and the post skill level promoted to the first level of employees.
  It is hoped that all the staff will take the opportunity of the skills competition,take the advanced as the example,strengthen study based on their own work,master professional skills,improve their own comprehensive quality,and strive for technical skills,knowledge skills and composite skills.All departments should work hard to create a good atmosphere of respect for labor,knowledge,talent and creation,speed up the construction of a team of high-quality skilled personnel,and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of the enterprise.