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  On November 25,the sun was warm in the afternoon.On the playground of labor road primary school,an interesting sports meeting of shaanxi drum cup was held by xi'an machinery and metallurgical building materials system with the theme of"celebrating the 19th national university and xi'an national university".This fun sports meeting attracted more than 170 employees from 18 grassroots units to participate,with a total of four vivid and interesting competition events,including"pig driving home","collecting and planting","fun three"and"hula-hoop roller coaster".Tong shuai,vice-chairman of xi'an trade union attended and participated in this fun sports meeting.
  Our company sent a team composed of cao xionghui,ye xiangyan,gong teng and other new generation of fresh troops.In this fun games,timely competition of strength and competition of superior wisdom,after a fierce competition,the team of xi'an pump valve general factory won the fifth overall name and the third prize of the team.
  In the process of the interesting games competition,pump valve factory co.,LTD.Xi'an team in line with the principle of"friendship first,competition second",the real practice and carry forward the spirit of enterprise,"seriously realistic,high efficiency"really the game level,race out of style,the organizers and brother unit's consistent high praise.
  At the same time,in order to advocate healthy life concept,strive to improve the physical and mental health of the staff,the company's labor union's annual"healthy running of the staff in winter"activity is also in the impassioned.Every morning on the main road of the company's factory district,a figure who runs hard against the cold wind one by one,represents the spirit of our xi'an pump valve people to face the challenge and meet the challenge,showing the enterprise style of xi'an pump valve incisively and vividly.
  It is hoped that the majority of workers will take this fun sports meeting and"healthy running in winter"as an opportunity to develop healthy living habits,maintain noble spiritual pursuit,and inspire selfless work enthusiasm.In the in-depth study of 19 spirit upsurge,in the pursuit of the construction of greater xi'an beyond,in the realization of the xi'an pump valve leapfrog development on the way forward,play a positive role and make new contributions!