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Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of xi 'an pump valve factory co., LTD

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  In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of xi'an pump valve factory co.,LTD.,at the same time,the amateur cultural life of the employees is active,and the extensive development of national fitness is promoted,so that the majority of workers have a more healthy body and spirit into the enterprise production and operation.According to the work arrangement of the company's 60th anniversary celebration activities,the company union held the badminton team competition and men's and women's singles competition from May 15th to 18th.
  The heat wave was fearless and the sweat was relentless.On the field,the players are full of passion,see the action,show the skill.Powerful smash,dexterous net before,arbitrary split,flying save,a graceful figure interpretation of the charm of badminton.After four days of intense competition,the final four men's singles,women's singles.Among them,fu xiaojun,liu qinjian,zheng anping,li hui won the first four men's singles;Wang liying,liu juxiang and cao huiping were the top three women's singles.Acidproof pump branch,valve branch won the group competition first runner-up.
  On May 18,Yang junfeng,deputy secretary of the party committee of the company and President of the trade union,presented awards for the winners.We also congratulate the athletes who have won the prize,encourage the athletes who have not won the prize,and send a message to the employees of the company to do more sports no matter how busy and tired they are.
  This competition is not only to celebrate the xi'an pump valve factory co.,LTD began the 60th anniversary of the series of activities,and for badminton lovers provides a platform to show themselves and play each other,but also enriched the company staff amateur cultural life,to improve employee physical fitness,enhance mutual understanding between people,build confidence,sunshine,full of youthful spirit enterprise atmosphere has positive significance.